Foreign vs Kashmiri Walnut Kernels


Most of the customers we believe do not know the difference between Kashmiri and foreign walnuts. These are imported from different countries of the world primarily from USA(California variety) & Chile so is their name California Walnuts and Chile walnuts.

Myth#1 : Big Kernels are best quality

As explained earlier, size has nothing to do with nutritional value, no doubt kashmiri kernels have smaller size but that doesn’t make them inferior in any context. In fact they are superior because they have 3 times the oil than their foreign counterpart. Due to this kashmiri varieties satisfy the taste buds and foreign varieties give tasteless flavor.

Myth#2: Foreign Varieties are better because they don’t fade colour

Its universally known that walnut kernels fade  in their colour when kept in ambient temperatures outside the natural inshell form. This is due to oxidation of their surface oils with ambient air. Foreign varieties don’t fade that fast because they have less than one third the oil content than their kashmiri counterpart so that explains for their colour retention and thus less nutrition value.

Fact#1 Purchase of Kashmiri walnuts lowers country import bills

When you buy California walnuts or Chile walnuts over their kashmiri counterparts you inflate India’s import bills, instead you should do the reverse.

Fact#2 Purchase of Kashmiri walnuts funds insurgency

This is rubbish propaganda run by designer journalists, more than 35% of Jammu & Kashmir state population earn their livelihood from only three horticulture commodities Walnuts, Apples & Saffron. When you buy them you help them earn their livelihood with respect and thus kill unemployment & insurgency instead.